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Mediumship demonstrations by Jason Goldsworthy

Wat is mediumschap?

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Q&A on Spirituality & Mediumship

Thoughts on Physical Mediumship

Meditatie "Reis terug naar jezelf

Mediumship in Basildon, UK

Wat is een medium?

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Signs from White Eagle

Wat is een betrouwbaar medium?

Interview on Trancehealing

Be the Change

Mediumship, coaching and healing - private readings, courses and workshops! Everybody is unique, in every soul lies the potential to great talents. You just need to discover them, let me help you!

What is mediumship?

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with our beloved ones in heaven. I believe that when we pass our soul leaves the physical body and travels on to the spirit world. In the spirit world the essence of a person is still able to communicate with us on earth.

Courses in 2018!

Thursdaymorning courses Mediumship for beginners and intermediates, fridaymornings Healing for beginners. The healing course is full, but in September a new course starts again. Also Mediumship and Soulinspiration courses in the weekend will start again in September.

Just look in the diary for new Courses in 2018


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