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Captivating inspirational speaker..

I had first met Jason Goldsworthy at the Arthur Findley College. He is so personable, funny, and compassionate which are all wonderful traits for a medium to put the sitter at ease. During our conversations it became evident that Jason is a gifted, knowledgable and experienced medium. He is also passionate about the subject and in his desire to help others connect to their loved ones in spirit. As a medium and student of the subject, it is a privilege for me to highly recommed Jason to anyone who would like to have a reading. Additionally, Jason is a captivating inspirational speaker. He speaks with enthusiasm and brings a renewed energy to the topic he is discussing. I would recommend being in his audience for for the experience of an uplifting and moving adventure. 

Sharon E., MA LPC LLC

New Jersey, USA

Genuine love and humbleness

Jason has a wonderful way of making everyone feel relaxed, there is a genuine love and humbleness that shines from him. As a teacher he has a brilliant way of explaining things in a easy manner without losing any detail or importance of the subject matter. As a medium there is doubt for me that he was in touch with the spirt world. I would highly recommend Jason, please do go and see for yourself I am sure you will not be disappointed. 

Professional young medium

I had the pleasure of sharing the platform with Jason in Ammansfort, Holland and was really impressed by the professionalism of this young man. His evidence was first class and left the recipient in no doubt as to who was comminicating from the spirit world. Perhaps I am a little old fashioned but Jasons delivery and presentation was as it should be polite and accurate - no guess work with this man - his eveidence was encouraging to the recipient and left his audience in no doubt that there was definitely a spirit link and a spirit world. Good luck Jason and I shall follow your journey with delight. Margaret Challenger CSNU

The voice of Spirit

"I have known Jason for several years during which time he has never failed to amaze me with the accuracy and detail he gives in his demonstrations of mediumship. Whilst he is proud to work as the voice for Spirit, he delivers his messages with honesty and discretion, showing a great awareness of each recipient and of how they may be feeling. He is one of the most compassionate mediums Ive had the fortune to meet. If youve not yet seen him work, please do go along to one of his demonstrations or his workshops, hes a great teacher too and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!"

Marleen Woolgar


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