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A spiritual awakening!

Awakening To A Spiritual Life!

As you are most likely aware we all have intuition, an inner feeling that can guide us through our lives. Our gut feeling will tell us if a decision is the right one us, or a wrong one. We are all born with this inner guidance and we all have a choice whether we use it or not.

What is intuition? When a woman gets pregnant and has a child, she will know when something is wrong with her baby. She will just know if a child’s illness is harmless or if something serious is going on. Nature provides us with this intuition to ensure our children’s safety. Have you ever had the feeling that a good friend will call you and just as you think of it, the phone rings and it’s them? Some of us even have predictive dreams and have found out that our dreams are premonitions and come true.

Our instincts and intuition can work in amazing ways, all we need to do is to feel inside ourselves and follow that inner guidance. Sometimes you can feel that life is taking you in a direction and you do not know where it is taking you or why. But inside you have this very strong feeling that you are on the right track. I call this the calling, an awakening into a new spiritual life. For me the calling was like a strong sense of knowing, full of energy and potential.

Many years ago, when I was about nineteen, I knew somewhere deep inside me my life would change. I was living in a small village in Wales, unemployment rates were high, and even though I had finished my education and was now a professional chef, I knew that chances of finding a job in that village were very small. Inside me I also felt this urge to move to London, even though that was far away from the town where I lived and I had no idea what to do when I got there. But I followed my inner feeling and started writing letters, a lot of letters. I must have written more than twenty letters to all the high-end restaurants and hotels in London. One very posh hotel hired me and so I moved to London, found a place to live quite easily and it all came together. My inner feeling, my calling had led me on this road away from my family and friends, but onwards to new adventures. In London I met so many people from different parts of the world, all with their different beliefs, hopes and dreams. This experience opened up my world to new possibilities.

This guidance inside me inspired me move to London and later to the Netherlands, then Germany. Effortlessly it put me on the path of spirituality. Never in my wildest dreams would that nineteen year old man have thought that he would leave a profession as a chef and become an international medium who travels the world. But that is where my calling led me to.

As I am writing this we are a month away from Halloween, All Hallows Eve, the evening before All Saint’s day. It is the evening of the 31st of October, a night which is celebrated in many countries. Halloween is believed to originate from Samhaim, a gaelic festival marking the end of the harvesting season and the beginning of the dark winter time. The Celts believed that the veil between our world and the spiritual world was thinner around this period and so they used this time to celebrate and pray to their gods for health and safety during the winter. Early churches incorporated this pagan feast into the Christian feasts. For me it is fascinating that Celtic and Christian faiths incorporate this day into their calendar and so many people are today still celebrating the magic of Halloween.

In my work as a medium I notice the spiritual world draws closer to us during this time. It’s easier to communicate with the spirit world, it enhances our intuition and it makes our calling to a spiritual life even stronger. Imagine the kind of energy so many people celebrating together can generate. It is almost as much as the energy of love and kindness that we can create together during the Christmas period.

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