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Christmas Eve Healing

What do you say when your husband comes home and says that he has to do a Trancehealing on Christmas Eve? I must confess, my first thoughts to his idea were not so positive. Does it have to be on Christmas Eve? What about our children? Who will join you on Christmas Eve? The Spiritual World had been very clear he said, and after I received a similar message in one of my meditations we decided to go for it. An event was made on Facebook, emails were sent out and surely the list of people that would like to receive a healing grew. Also the list of people that would like to sent out healing grew. 

Christmas Eve, just before 7pm, we discussed how the long the healing  per name should be. Because the list was quite long we decided on thirty seconds per name. Our healing room was lit up with candles, crystals were spread out in a circle, we smudged the room, everything was set. Jason went into trance, I was grateful that his circle leader was there to make sure that Jason would be alright, throughout the trancehealing. The room started to get colder, I could feel the cold energy flowing around me, but strangely I did not get cold myself. The energy in the room got higher as Jason sank deeper and deeper into trance. 

I sat in the chair next to him, ready for action. The list on my lap, my reading glasses on, a flashlight to be able to see the names as the room was quite dark, and most importantly the timer on my telephone ready to go. For those who do not know me, I am a person who likes to be in control and when we said thirty seconds then that it what it should be! Jasons guide, Dr John, gestured that we should start saying out the  names and so I started.  I called the name, started the timer and waited. After exactly 30 seconds Dr John gestured for the next name. Coincidence, I thought. After a lot of names who all received exactly thirty seconds of trance healing, even I could not deny that this was not coincidence. The Spiritual World had taken charge and were giving the Healing to all these people that needed it. They were in control, not Jason, not me and definitely not the timer.

It was a wonderful experience to be a part of and what wonderful evidence from the Spirit that they are listening and helping us when we need it.

Love to you all, Ursula Goldsworthy

Christmas Eve Healing Spiritual love

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