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02-03-2019 Self Esteem and Spirit by Sara Sachs

Recommended  for all  mediums, lightworkers and healers, An  opportunity to gain the confidence to ascend to a higher level ,
We begin with issues of self-esteem that come up for lightworkers of all types. We go into some of the self imposed blocks that hold people back in going up to the next level in their work, with  discussion. Sara Sachs is a well known medium from Pittburgh in the USA.
The day will be held in the english language, even tough Sara knows some dutch words and Jason will be on hand to help out with translations.

Eur 75.00

During this day there will be exercises with healing and messages. One in particular will be people realizing their own power in their work, physically. There  will be discussions and questions between exercises. Throughout, there will be meditations to put people in the power of their self-esteem, spirit, and their abilities. One of the important goals of the class is to make lightworkers feel that their mode is equally important as all practices, be they psychics, healers, or mediums. I'll encourage them to try something new , let us see if we can all  have breakthroughs to give ourselves more confidence, and to push ourselves to higher levels. From 10 am until 16:30 pm we will work together, included is coffee and tea, please bring your own lunch.
Who is Sara Sachs:
Sara Sachs is an international Medium and Psychic based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the USA. She brings her abilities in Evidential Mediumship in her sittings and demonstrations to connect the recipients with their loved ones who have passed into Spirit. Sara received her primary training in the oldest and largest American Spiritualist community, Lily Dale, NY. She now teaches workshops there. Her training continues at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Studies in the UK and the Zwanenhof Spiritual Center in the Netherlands. She has been taught by some of the best mediums in the world. At both of these learning institutions, along with mediumship training, personal and spiritualgrowth are stressed as being important to being a good medium.  Many of her clients notice an increase in her abilities after these yearly overseas courses.Sara’s work in private sessions, public demonstrations, and teaching metaphysical workshops in Pittsburgh has also taken her to venues from small towns to larger cities, such as New York. She also speaks in, and delivers messages from Spirit in various Spiritualist Churches in the US. Sara is a regular message presenter at outdoor services in the summer as a visiting Medium at Lily Dale.  She’s also been a guest on radio and TV in the US and Canada. Sara  teaches classes in Lily Dale, NY and Pittsburgh, PA. 

30-03-2019 Free Webinar - Q&A Mediumship

How can mediumship and spirituality enrich your soul and your life? Join me in this webinar at 7pm and together we will find answers!Enroll yourself through the website to receive the zoom link. 

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