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06-01-2019 Free Webinar - New Year!

 2019! A whole new year, full of possibilities and challenges! Join me in this webinar where I will give an inspirational speech and I will also answer questions you may have. 

Book your space now and we will meet in the Zoom webinar room for another inspiring evening of sharing thoughts and ideas about spirituality.

If you join me I will ent you a link via Zoom to get into the webinar. The webinar will be on the 6th of januari at 7pm Amsterdam CEST time.  According to google this is approximately 1pm EST time, 10am  PST time, 12pm Chicago time,, 1pm Pittsburgh time, 6pm UK/Ireland time, please work out the correct time for your timezone so that you do not miss it!

20-01-2019 Online Course: Trance

Trance online!  For 6 weeks we will meet online, where I will teach on subjects to do with Trancemediumship. An opportunity for you all to join me and my Spirtual Guides in their teachings. 

Eur 125.00

We will meet online in a Zoom room on 6 sundays, January 20th, February 3rd and 17th,, March 10th, March 17th, and March 31st 2019at 7pm my time (Amsterdam time) for one and a half hours. In these hours I will teach you on trance and its various states, I will bring you into contact with yourself and your own trance possibilities, hoping to bring transformation in your trance and healing. Join me on this journey, where we can together investigate your gifts and bring them into the light.

The course will be recorded and sent to participants via email and in a private Facebook group, so if you miss a lecture you can always watch it later.

The online course will be at 7pm Amsterdam time, which according to google, is 10am Pst time, 1pm Est time, 6pm Uk & Ireland time.  Please check yourself also to find the correct time for your timezone.

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