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09-08-2018 Healing Art with Nicole Powell

I am very happy that my good friend and well known medium Nicole Powell is coming all the way from Canada to give a workshop in Lage!

Art and healing! Learn how to bring more colour into your healings, learn what the colours mean and learn how to use colours in paintings!

Eur 80.00

We will bring your creative potential to life!

You will learn how to use colour in your healings, in your spiritual life or in your readings. You will also be painting under the guidance of Nicole and you will learn to read the paintings. It will be a filled day from 10 am until 16pm in my praxis rooms. 

20-08-2018 Online Course: The Soul's Journey

After a succesful start with this course in Canada, I would like to share this also with you. For 8 weeks we will meet online, where I will teach on various subjects such as your soul's potential, the mind, infinite love, the Wisdom of the Spiritual World and much more. You might find that during this course you become more creative, or more in tune with how you want to use your time, more in tune with yourself and your guides and more in aligment with intuitive living and being. 

Eur 149.00

Dates that we will meet are: 20 and 27 august, 3,10,17 and 24 september, 1 and 8 october 2018.

Times: 8pm until 9:30pm for Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Finland

7pm until 8:30pm for the UK and Ireland

12 noon u0ntil 1:30pm for Canada PST time (or 11am untill 12:30 pst time, depending on the clock changes in summer and winter, please check yourself to make sure

You will find that you are changing in your intuitive and mediumistic progress,  you will be able to let of negative emotions and you will become more in tune with your soul's potential. It is about working on your spiritual self so that you can unfold and be in balance with your highest potential.

When you subscribe to this course you will receive an email from me, one week before the course starts, explaining the online webseminar and you will receive an invitation from me to join the course also one week before the course starts.
This course will be held in the english language.

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