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14-04-2018 Marleen Woolgar - Trancemediumship

Trancemediumschap en trancehealing with Marlene Woolgar. We are very pleased that Marlene is willing to come back to Lage to give another 2 day workshop on the various aspects of trance.

Eur 175.00

Marlene Woolgar is a well known medium in England who has worked all over the world. This year she will give a 2 day workshop on trance in trancemediumship and trancehealing. The workshop is suitable for beginners and experienced trance mediums and healers.

When: 14 and 15th of April

Where: Dorfstrasse 55, 49828 Lage (Germany)

Time: From 10 am until 16:30 pm. 

Costs: Eur 175,- this is including a small but healthy lunch. (eg. home made soup and breadrolls)

Agenda Jason Goldsworthy


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