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11-08-2019 Summerworkshop - Experimental Trance (online)

In this class we will be led by the Spiritual World, in the afternoon before the class, I will connect with my spiritual guides and ask them for inspiration, insights, excersises that I must pass on to the class. They never fail me and always give me the right insights to make these evenings beautiful and special. We have had evenings where we did trancehealing, or trancespeaking, or giving beautiful messages to each other.. Every class is different but every time it is special and inspirational.

Eur 30.00

Why not join me on this wonderful journey where we all put our trust in the Spiritual World to let them guide and inspire us on our trancemediumship or trancehealing journey.

Sunday, August 11th, from 7pm until 9 pm my time, we will connect in a Zoom classroom, you will receive the link approx. 1 week before the workshop starts.  Here are the times various timezones, as per google, but please check ahead of the class. 

13:00 Noon Eastern Standard Time

12:00 AM Central Time

11:00 AM Mountain Time

10:00 AM Pacific Time

7:00 pm Dutch Time

6:00 London Time

Agenda Jason Goldsworthy


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