To me healing is using the natural energy that comes from the soul.



When you come to me for healing I will sit down with you and take time to get to know you and your ailments. I will always advise you to seek medical help if needed.

For my healing I use the energy all around us such as Reiki energy, trance energy or energy from my guides/helpers. A healing session will take the first time a little longer but on average around 45 minutes and cost Eur 50,-.  Just  contact  me to book an appointment.


Reiki attunements

The word "Reiki" means universal living. Rei means universal energy and Ki means live. When you give Reiki you give this energy through to the person that you are treating.

Reiki can be taught to anyone. We can all be attuned to this energy so we can channel it to help ourselves and others. The process involves three attunements. The attunements can be followed separately, if you just want to do Reiki I to help yourself and your family, then that is fine.

Reiki I (Usui System of Natural Healing Shoden)

During Reiki I, the first degree attunement, you will learn about Reiki, chakras, hand positions used with Reiki. Your channel to receive and give Reiki will be opened and you will learn how to use Reiki. The attunement takes 2 evenings. A Reiki I attunement cost Euro 125,-

Reiki II ( Usui System of Natural Healing Oku Den)

Your Reiki energy channel will be opened further, you will receive symbols to use during Reiki and you will learn to send Reiki over distances. The attunement will take one evening. A Reiki II attunement will cost Euro 150,-

For more information please contact  me.