A medium never finishes learning it is an ongoing journey, one which is both emotional and fascinating 



As from August 2016 my new rooms for the courses, private sessions and coaching are all located at the upper floor at Dorfstrasse 55 in Lage.












25th of April 2016, together with some of my friends and collegues, Kay Reynolds and David Clarke, we have decided to make a series of radio podcasts about spirituality and the spirit world. The first one in this series was an interview Kay conducted with me to describe my spiritual journey in this life. I have uploaded it to youtube for you to listen to. It makes you think that even small series of events can set you upon the path of spirituality.



28th of March, I have just come back from a very exciting weekend to England. I went with my eldest son to celebrate his birthday in Londen and I was also privileged to be invited to two evenings of mediumship in Basildon and Ely. Both evenings wonderful evidence from the spiritual world came through, and I felt blessed and honoured to be able to do this work and prove to so many that life after death continues.






 I have put some films on youtube for you to watch and discover that Mediumship is not scary but beautifull and thankful. 





5th of January, an exciting year lies ahead of me, already on the course page I have added the courses that I will be giving this year. In the agenda you can find the upcoming demonstrations and workshops that I will be doing. In March and December I will be demonstrating in Basildon, England. At the end of january and october I will be in doing a workshop in Bremen. Throughout the year several evenings are planned in venues in Holland as well as doing some church services in Amersfoort. It will be an spiritual year for me.

Please find a link to a meditation that I did with a group of students in Bremen, it helps you (re)discover your senses; hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting and smelling, and it will lead you to your sixth sense. Enjoy!







































If you would like to be updated on news regarding myself, my journey in mediumship or where I will be demonstrating next please fill in the form  contact .