As a medium I have the special task to be a link between you and loved ones that have passed over.

What is mediumship?

Mediumship is the capacity of a medium to communicate with our passed loved ones. We believe that after passing our soul leaves our human body and moves on to the Spirit world. In the Spirit world the esence of a person remains and is capable of communicating with us here on earth.


What is a medium?

Can anyone be a medium?

What forms of mediumship are there?

A medium is aware of the spiritual world, they are able to function as a contact person between our world and the spirit world. The energy from the spirit world is much higher than the energy on earth, so in order to make contact a medium needs to raise their energy. Then it is possible for them to receive messages from the spirit world. Anyone can become a medium through following courses, listening to their feelings, practicing or starting a practice circle, but not everyone will become a Mozart or a Ronaldo. If you are interested in developing your mediumship please look at the cours e page for more information.

There are several forms of mediumship, such as psychic mediumship, trance mediumship or physical mediumship. Most of you will come to me to try and get a contact from their loves ones so I will focus on explaining that form of mediumship. If you would like to know more about trance or physical mediumship please contact me. Physical mediumship consists of clairvoyance, clairhearing, clairfeeling, clairsmelling, or clairknowing. All of these are methods where the medium raises his or her energy to contact the spirit world so that they can deliver proof of the existence of the spirit world and give a message to the recipient. They will for example be able to describe the person, give details of jobs, or characteristics or even details of the home life of the passed away loved one.

In my studio you can come for private readings, or demonstrations. Please find below more information on these.

Private Sitting Mediumship, or Psychic

This will be a time for you and your loved ones to reconnect using me as your link. It will be a private and special time to share together. You can either visit me at my studio or we can use Skype for distant calls. All sittings can be recorded if you so desire. Sittings take 45 minutes and costs Eur 50,-. Just click the following link to book your own private sitting: contact .


Demonstration Mediumship

How about an evening with your friends or family where you share memories and contacts of your loved ones! For me as a medium I am so grateful to be able to be this link between you and your loved ones.

Just invite  8 to 12 people to your home  and I come and join you. An evening costs Euro 12.50 per person. If you live further then 45 kilometers away from me petrol costs will be added to this. Alternatively I can organise this evening in my practice room for the price of Eur 14,50 per person, inclusive of coffee and tea. To book an evening or to obtain more information please follow the link: contact .

It is also possible to give a demonstration of mediumship to parties of 12 people or more. Maybe you have booked a room yourself to cater for a larger number of people? For more information about this please feel free to contact me wth any questions you may have.


To show you that an Evening of Mediumship is nothing weird but can bring healing to a person, I have attached a link to an demontration of Mediumship that I have recently done in Cork, Ireland.





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