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Inspire your life through your feelings

In all my courses the most important for me is the personal attention that I can give the students, therefore I do not have large groups. In these small groups you can really see the devolopment of each student at their own special and individual pace. I would like to pass on my incredible love for the spirit world to as many people as I can, so that they may also experience the love that the spirit world has for us.


Mediumship Evening course

On the course evenings we will discuss and work with the importance of the soul, what is spirituality, how can we make a connection to the spiritual word, how can we find our true selves and much more. Usually we start an evening with a meditation, after which I will explain something about the subject of the evening. Then you will get to work through excersises with each other you will learn how to make a spiritual contact.

This cours is suitable for beginners and more experienced mediums who would like to develop their mediumship. Doing a mediumship course will also give you benefits in your own spiritual development. It will bring you closer to yourself and keep you firmly grounded in your life. In this course we will be working with spirit contacts. Use the  contact  link to book this course or to get more information.

mediumship evening course The course will be given on 6 evenings inclusive of coffee, tea and biscuits. The costs for this are Euro 150,-. 

You can also reserve a place on the next course already trough contact .

The course after that will be on: .  29 augustus, 12 september, 3 oktober, 17 oktober, 7 november en 14 november.  We are now taking bookings for this course. Due to family circumstances this course starts a little later then originally planned.




New in 2017! Discover your souls potential! What makes your soul happy?

In this course we will:

- Spiritual Cooking

- Meditations, visualisations

- Creative excersises

- Discover the energy of nature

- What influence has music?

-inspired speaking and writing

Let me help you to step into your souls potential and discover the true you!

The course dates are:   9 september, 7 oktober, 11 november, 9 december 2017, 13 januari, 10 februari, 10 maart, 7 april, 12 mei, 9 juni 2018. The days are from 10 until 16 pm.

Included in the course are the course days, a copy of meditations, coffee and tea. Lunch is not included. Because quality of teaching and being able to give personal attention to all my students the group will not be larger than 12 persons. Full is full...

The price for this yearcourse is Eur 595,-, to be paid before or on the first course day. YOu can also pay in three terms of Eur 200,-. For all reservations we have to ask for a downpayment of Eur 100,-.

We can take bookings for this course via or contact .


Medumship Year Course for Experienced Medium

For those who have followed the mediumship year course 1 with me, or those who have already done courses in mediumship elsewhere I have developed this following year. To follow this course you need to be able to make a link with the spirit world.

in this year we we work on developing more trust in the spirit world and ourselfs.  Also you may be required to read some books in order to get a better understanding of mediumship. Of course you will be guided and helped in this process.

So if you want to challenge yourself then reserve your course place now through contact .

Course dates for this course are:  10 september, 8 oktober, 12 november, 10 december 2017, 14januari, 11 februari, 11 maart, 8 april, 13 mei, 10 juni 2018 . The days are from 10 until 16pm

Included is all course material, the 10 course days, a copy of the meditations, coffee and tea. You will need to provide your own lunch.

The price for this yearcourse is Eur 595,-, to be paid before or on the first course day. YOu can also pay in three terms of Eur 200,-. For all reservations we have to ask for a downpayment of Eur 100,-.
You can now book for this course through  contact






Everything is infinite, including your soul