Mindfulness or living in the now.


"I can not find peace of mind"

"I feel depressed and down"

The most heard complaints of people nowadays.

We run through our lives, are being dominated by our phones and emails...


Stop and stand still by yourself.


My own journey in this life has not always been easy. I have known setbacks,  (over)sensitivity and the loss of loved ones, which made me realise that having come through all this I would love nothing more than to help other people reach the same inner freedom and happiness as me. Helping you to let go of blocked emotions, and empowering yourselfs brings me great satisfaction.

The happiness I get from seeing a person leave a stronger person after just one session is undescribable! In a coaching session I help you find yourself through meditation, conversation, breathing and several other exercises.

During a coaching session I can give you tools to build your life, make decisions; come back to your heart or to find yourself. I can help you to leave the spiral of negative thoughts and feelings. To achieve this I use several techniques such as Energy healing, the Journey from Brandon Bays, The Work from Byron Katie, EFT techniques and so on.

A coaching session will take 45 minutes and will cost Euro 50,-.

Just click  contact  to find out what I can do for you or book an appointment.

I can give you the tools to let you choose your own path.


Coaching can help you to get back on track.









Everyone has the potential and the talent to shine...